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Melek Koltuk

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr.Dt.Melek Koltuk DDS.,PhD.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Bağdat Cad. 399/1C

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Scientific Research Award Botulinum Toxin Injections for Masseter Hyperthophy and Bruxism,Ultrasound Guided Approach KoltukM. 

Turkish Association Of Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery,September 2019


For Decompression of Cysts, Especially in the Oral Region, Resist System Fixed with Sutures and Allowing One-Way Passage, KottukM., Application Number of the Invention: 2019/00988, FirstRegistration,2019


Treatment of Oral Fistulas

CansızE.,GültekinB.A. ,KoltukM.,Çakarer S.

A Text book of Advanced Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery Volume 3 Mohammad Hosein Motamedi, Editör, Intech, London, ss.400,2016

Publications & Presentations

Evaluation of Melatonin and Vitamin D’s Effects on Zoledronic Acid Treated Osteoblasts’ Vitality, in Vitro KoltukM.,KaraçamB.,ÇakirisA.,AbacıN.,SırmaEkmekciS.,GürkanKöseoğluB. Interciencia, cilt.46, sa.1, ss.170-177,2021.

Nasopalatin duct cysts: report of ten cases and review of the literature.

BaygınM.,GürkanKöseoğluB.,KoltukM. İnternational Jounalof clinicalanesthesia andResearch, cilt.4, sa.1, ss.19-22,2020.

Surgical Management Of Root Canal Overfill without Parestesia: Case Report.

Akçay Ç., Koltuk M. , Gürkan Köseoğlu B.

Clınıcs In Surgery, sa.2, ss.1-2, 2017 

BotulinumToxin Applications in Dentistry


26th ofTDAInternationalDentalCongress, İstanbul,Türkiye,4 -07Eylül2019, ss.26 I .


A Rare Case of Intraoral y Localized Neurofibromatosis Type 1: Case Report GürkanKöseoğluB.,KoltukM.,CesurA.,BaygınM.,OlgaçN.V. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery26th InternationalScientificCongress,Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc), 28Nisan-02Mayıs2019, ss.187-188 I I.


Nasopalatin Cysts: 9 Case Review

KoltukM.,BaygınM.,GürkanKöseoğluB. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery26th InternationalScientificCongress,Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc), 28Nisan-02Mayıs2019, ss.190-191 IV.


BotulinumToxin Injections for Masseter Hyperthophy and Bruxism, Ultrasound Guided Approach KoltukM.,ÜnsalG.,BaygınM.,Özcanİ.,GürkanKöseoğluB. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery26th InternationalScientificCongress, Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc), 28Nisan-02Mayıs2019, ss.28-34 V.


Medication Related Osteonecrosis of the Jawin osteoporosis patient treated with oral bisphosphonates: Case Report

GürkanKöseoğluB.,KoltukM.,BaygınM.,KayhanH.,KoçakBerberoğluH. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery26th InternationalScientificCongress,Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc), 28Nisan-02Mayıs2019, ss.204-205 VI.


Parathyroid Hormone(PTH) in Oral Surgery: A case report and literature review KoltukM.,ÇankayaA.B. ,GürkanKöseoğluB.,Bahtiyar İ. 25th InternationalScientificCongress ofTurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery ,Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc),13 -17Mayıs2018, ss.137-138 VI .


BotulinumToxin in The Treatment Of UnilateralMasseter Hypertrophy

KoltukM.,GürkanKöseoğluB., İşler S.C. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery25th InternationalScientificCongress,Girne,Kıbrıs (Kktc), 13 -17Mayıs2018, ss.100-101 VI I.


Brown Tumor: A Case Report

KoltukM.,Ala Ş.,ErdemM.A. ,GürkanKöseoğluB. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery24th InternationalScientificCongress,Muğla,Türkiye,23 -27 Mayıs2017, ss.211 IX.


Management of Squamous Cell Carcinoma with Inferiorhemi-maxilectomy and Reconstruction of Defectwith Fibular Osteocutaneous free- flap.

KoltukM.,CansızE., İşler S.C. ,BaşaranB. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery23th InternationalScientificCongress,Muğla,Türkiye,26 -30 Mayıs2016, ss.80-81 X.


Solitary Bone Cyst: A Case Report

ÇankayaA.B. ,ErdemM.A. ,AkçayÇ.,KoltukM.,GürkanKöseoğluB. Turkish Associationof Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery 23th InternationalScientificCongress,Muğla,Türkiye,26 -30 Mayıs2016, ss.146-147 XI.


Extensive Complex Odontoma with Unerupted Tooth in the Posterior Maxila: A Case Report

AkçayÇ., İşler S.C. ,KoltukM.,GürkanKöseoğluB. TurkishAssociationofOralandMaxilofacialSurgery23th InternationalScientificCongress,Muğla,Türkiye,26 -30 Mayıs2016, ss.133





Research Assistant

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

İstanbul University

Doctorate (PhD)

Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

İstanbul University

Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS

Faculty of Dentistry

İstanbul University

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